Protect Yourself

Would you knowingly give away Social Security Numbers, Medical or Business Records and other confidential information about you, your family and your business?

Use Our Solutions Before You Donate Or Dispose Of Any Electronic Device!

In today's electronic world, data is EVERYWHERE! It is increasingly easy to find personal and business information on almost any electronic device you use.
Hard Drives, Disks, Tapes, Flash Drives, SD Cards, Cell Phones and other storage media contain a wealth of information about you, your business and even your family. Make sure your valuable information is destroyed and kept out of unwanted hands!

To demonstrate this problem, we purchased an EMPTY used hard drive at a local thrift store for testing purposes.
Within 15 minutes, using easy to find and free online software, we obtained personal photo's and video's as well as business and tax records!
Don't let this happen to you! CONTACT US NOW!

Connect 4 Solutions, LLC provides:

  • Destruction or erasure of data and media in a secure environment.
  • Pick it up and secure transportation of your data to our secure location prior to destruction, or you can ship or arrange delivery of your items to our location.
  • Certificates of Destruction to keep you in compliance with regulations.
  • Complete Audit Trail by request from the moment we receive your media, until its return or disposal.

Our Data Destruction Services

Secure Data Erasure
  • Removal and destruction of data using government accepted electronic methods.
  • May be used for both magnetic and solid state storage devices.
  • Storage Media can be returned for reuse upon request.
  • Magnetized data destruction for data stored on magnetic storage media.
  • Storage media may not be reusable.
Storage Device Shredding, Crushing or Abrasion
  • Physical and unrecoverable destruction of devices.
  • Secure Erasure or Degaussing prior to destruction for regulatory compliance.
  • Storage media is not reusable or returnable.
  • High temperature destruction of the data storage components of your device.
  • Storage media is not reusable or returnable.
We Remove and Destroy Data From:
  • Hard Drives
  • Flash / Thumb Drives
  • Card Based Memory Devices
  • Data and Video Tapes
  • CD’s / DVD’s
  • Cell phones / PDA’s
  • Any other item containing a electronic data storage
How Much Does This Cost?

Less than you might think!
Pricing is dependent on the type, size and number of devices, methods and certification level required.
Simply contact us for a fast and fair price from a trusted local provider.


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